View – Flowers

As a new fan of macro photography, hardly a flower is safe from me. What is naturally hidden from my eye unfolds all its beauty. For me, it is like immersing myself in another world. See for yourself…




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Brothers Grimm

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm
Born on 04.01.1785 in Hanau
Died on 20.09.1863 in Berlin

Wilhelm Carl Grimm
Born on 24.02.1786 in Hanau
Died on 16.12.1859 in Berlin

The Brothers Grimm are regarded as the founding fathers of German studies and are among the most important intellectual personalities in German and European cultural history. The Kassel hand copies of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Children’s and House Tales” were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2005. „Brothers Grimm“ weiterlesen